9 holes 29/4/2014

I ended up with 50 (again) but I felt for the first time I can finally get below 50 and thus allow myself to start playing 18 holes.My putting has been improved and I also did not lost any golf balls.


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9 holes 27/4/2014

Second round of 9 holes golf in 2014 I ended up playing 53.

I did not lost any golf balls which is a big improvement from last year.

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First 9 holes golf result in golf season 2014

After a long period of silence not playing any golf by me. I had the change to play for the season 2014 the first round of golf. Nine holes only and not 18 holes. As mentioned in another previous post I will not play 18 holes as long as I am not able to play 9 holes below 50.

But before I tell you the results Continue reading

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Boomgolf.com.au Boomerang golf indoor putting system – REVIEW

Boomgolf.com.au Boomerang golf indoor putting system – REVIEW


Finally I hit GIR (Which is like winning a lottery ticket). I manage to make a 5 putt to score a 7 instead of the anticipated birdie or at least par or even for today a bogey or forget it I settle for a double bogey. Nope it has to be a triple bogey just because I do not have any sense of distance control with my putting swing. Not a swing to be honest. More some sort of trying to crack a egg. First you try hitting it too light because you think it will crack too much and you get the yellow on your face. Nothing happens and you opt to hit the egg too Continue reading

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Scores of 4 September 2013

Played twice the front 9 in a row. First score was 56. Again my average score. There seems always to be at least two holes which are royally screwed up. Completely destroying my chance to play below 50. If I am not able to play below 50 for 9 holes I am not going to play a full 18 hole. This is to motivate myself because I want to play 18 holes. But I have to get below the 100 this season. Continue reading

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How long does your irons stay good and how often should they be replaced when your are not a good player yet


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Golf Putting too short almost all the time and if not it is too long.

Golf Putting too short almost all the time and if not it is too long.

It is if I am afraid that I putt too long and make it swing shorter/slower then i have to do and it will be always too short. Outside the 5 foot range i am talking. Within it is most of the time good. I must admit my putting is still work in progress. But when I putt, the ball rolls general straight now just too short. And when I say to myself don’t putt to short give it more swing it runs past the hole at least 3 feet or further into the bunker behind the green. Why oh why?

I am thinking that it might be important to have a putter with the right weight/feel to get properly connected with the subconscious calculation how much to swing or should i go for a metered approach with putting. Like some sort of table in your mind for the swing length versus distance. What fairway to travel on?

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Front 9 Golf result end of August 2013 at Mlade Buky golf Club

Front 9 Golf result end of August 2013 at Mlade Buky golf Club 


I wanted to play more this year (2013) but my daily day to day business needed most of my time. I managed to be on the driving range in Mlade buky golf club several times and worked a lot on my swing. It is getting better, I am able to hit the LW reasonable well and constant. The same goes for the SW, PW and 9 iron. The problem starts to surface when I am using the 7 iron or higher. For now I am not hitting any fairway wood or driver reasonable and if i do it is the usual bananarama slice into the wild wild east.
But last week I was suddenly hitting everything much better and much more consistent. Coupled with a feeling of.. ahh this feels good. Wow…great sound of the ball and boom straight and far. Even the driver and the hybrids came to live. I looked in the other driving range boots if maybe people were looking at my superior ball striking that day. None of them showed any interest at all. Nobody asked for a signature or asking tips.  I thought I have arrived. I know it. They just do not know it. Finally I am ready for the EPGA (PGA is for later). I got excited and decided to give it a go on the front 9 holes. Continue reading

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Swingyde Golf training aid from www.swingyde.com – Review -

Browsing the internet for some assistance in getting better at golf I stumbled upon the Swingyde golf training aid from www.swingyde.com . According to its selling slogan “On line every time!” it should make learning the proper golf swing a breeze. You start hitting the ball far and accurate because it teaches you to get the proper wrist cocking in the back and down swing.  The company is based in Australia. They have some reseller points in U.K. and the USA.
Their website is: www.swingyde.com
Their company details:
Golf Inventions Pty Ltd Trading as Swingyde
4 Liberan Court, West Lakes, South Australia 5021
Phone: +61 418 840002
Owner/Developer: Peter Ormsby – member PGA of Australia

You can order their product on their swingyde website or selecting the distributors. Alternatively ofcourse you can use amazon. Here is the link on amazon.co.uk. It is sold by The golf shop Online and fulfilled by amazon

Since I am desperate and thus a victim for all the latest and greatest golf training aids I ordered it on their website for about Euro 29.  The package arrived about 12 days later.

This is what you get according to their website:

and that is exactly what i got too.

The Swingyde is a yellow plastic kind of brace that should be mounted on your golf grip or slightly below to promote the proper wrist hinge. If you hinge correctly the top part should touch your arm. If you do not feel this touch you did not hinged correctly. It is that easy. Continue reading

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Keeping your golf score on www.oobgolf.com

I am keeping my golf score on the website www.oobgolf.com
On this site you can do all of the following and more:
- Keep a recreational handicap index
- Enter scores via cell phone or computer
- Share your game with your friends
- Track equipment performance
- Start a group leaderboard
- Read the latest on daily updated blogs

It is a well organized website and has more then 24,000 golf courses listed for you to enter your score in. Of course my golf course was not listed! I send them an email with the data needed and within a few days I received an email that the golf course was added. Now I could add my scores on it as well. It has very nice features such a adding your clubs and other equipments as your range finder. You can enter the total score only or enter scores hole by hole. Including fairway hits or misses, nr. of putts, etc. Then it compares your recent score against your own overall score and of the whole oobgolf.com population!

You can install software on your phone to enter the scores and it synchronizes with the oobgolf.com server. It has a great forum with friendly people who are (of course) golf addicts. Most user are from North America region. I am not aware of a European golf score keeping forum comparable to oobgolf.com

They have three subscription levels. Basic (Free), Addict ($9.95/yr.), Addict+ ($19.95).
The basic (Free) subscription has almost all important function available to you. The addict and addict+ advantages are respectively (plus a few other extra options) Advanced stat tracking and GPS range finder.

If you create an account be sure to look me up and add me to your friends so that I can get notifications when you enter scores.

My name on the golf website oobgolf.com is : Danniego

Its worth a visit.

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