Boomerang golf indoor putting system – REVIEW Boomerang golf indoor putting system – REVIEW


Finally I hit GIR (Which is like winning a lottery ticket). I manage to make a 5 putt to score a 7 instead of the anticipated birdie or at least par or even for today a bogey or forget it I settle for a double bogey. Nope it has to be a triple bogey just because I do not have any sense of distance control with my putting swing. Not a swing to be honest. More some sort of trying to crack a egg. First you try hitting it too light because you think it will crack too much and you get the yellow on your face. Nothing happens and you opt to hit the egg too hard and exactly what you do not want to happen happens! Same with my putting. My ball is on the green about 12 meters. My first put ends up 7 meters too short of the hole. Second put ends up way behind the hole end it runs of the green at the other side back into the downhill fringe. My senses are getting even more blurred because of the frustration. Putt 3 is halfway the cup put 4 is finally near the cup just 10 cm. short otherwise it would have been a double bogey. And finally the last 10 cm all went well.  Sound familiar to you? I sincerely hope it is not. So I decided to find something that will help me become a better putter a.s.a.p. As usual crawling the internet during the night for that specific golf product that makes me from a desperate golfer into a PGA Pro by no time. I came across the Boomerang indoor putting system from
The reviews and forum postings on several golf forums sounded that it is a good golf putting training aid. After this last desperate golf score of mine I had to do something. At least let me become a golfer who can have normal putting averages and not such ridiculously high putting averages I am posting now. And this is the promise made by This is what I need and before I realized what I did I placed an order on the website. For $89.99 becoming a better putter is  a real bargain in my opinion. Some friends tell me I am the perfect impulse buyer any sales dept. like to have. So be it. I am going to become a better putter. Heck I become a great putter and all by using the Boomerang golf indoor putting system. Let’s see and find out. :)

Their website is:

Their company details:
BoomGolf Pty Ltd
39 Allambi Tce, Noosa Heads, Queensland, 4567
Phone: +61 435 717 022

You can order their product on their website which I did. The process was easy and went well. His shipping charges to Europe is very reasonable and it arrived within 10 days.
Unpacking it this is what was in it:


You get two golf putting mats. One is slower then the other. The fastest of the two golf putting mats is the Carnoustie mat which presumably has the touch and feel of the greens of the historical Carnoustie golf Links in Angus, Scotland. (Links: and here )boomgolf
Hopefully one day I will compete there for a title and will report back if it has the same touch and feel. I compared the green I am playing on with the two mats and found the Carnoustie to be similar in speed and roll. That is  a good thing two have similar training ground with what you are used to play on. I play mostly at Mlade Buky Golf Club in Czech and  AlicanteGolf in Spain.

The ramp is made of plastic and has a smooth green felt on top of it.  At the end is a cup which can be adjusted for different depths to catch the ball for different inclined angles the ramp is going to be used. To adjust this angle for the ramp there are pockets on the bottom of the ramp where the angle can be adjusted. In the manual is stated that you have to use some scotch tape to keep the frame in its place. I found this a bit awkward and a cheap way of designing this.
boomgolf boomgolf


You roll out the mat and put at one end the beginning of the boomgolf ramp on top of it so the golf ball rolls smoothly from the mat onto the ramp.
boomgolf Not like this but like this: boomgolf

When you set the depth of the cup according to the ramp angle level set you are good to go for putting, putting, putting and putting until your back hurts or it is time to go back to bed. The concept of the training mission is to get your first ball to stay in the cup and then with the second ball hit this first ball and get both balls out running down the ramp again. Rinse and repeat. It seems easy but it is not. My first attempts went over the ramp or returned halfway the ramp back to me. And I was standing halfway the mat! But the beauty of this boomgolf system is the ball keeps coming back at you so you can continuously practice your putting until, until… Yes until the ball finally stays in the cup!
Took me about 30 minutes to commence this great achievement. Now all I had to do is hit the second ball against the first one and both should be travelling down the ramp to me myself and I. And what happened? Exactly, the second ball went into the cup and stayed with the first ball together in the cup!! Not even one ball went down the ramp. You did not guessed that one or did you? I manage to repeat this five in a row before both balls went down together. Is this supposed to be possible at all? Because I never ever read that in any review or forum post discussing the boomgolf golf putting system. Not even on youtube and on YouTube you can see some pretty strange occurrences of things happening.

I am training my putting on the Boomgolf for about two weeks now and have not been to the golf course due to bad weather. So actually this is a great indoor training system for bad weather to keep training your putting stroke. And good putting is very important to make lower scores. Putting is where you can make the birdies. At least that is what I heard, not from my own experience. The nice thing about the Boomgolf Putting system is that you can try all sort of strokes, hand grips, set-up and see what it is doing for you good or better putting etc. I experienced with ball placement, different grips, different postures, you name it. And you can hold that one repeatedly to see what it is bringing out for your golf swing. I discovered by changing my grip I stopped pulling to the left and by having my arms more to my body and using my body instead of my stiff static triangle forearms swing that my distance control and direction appears to be much better then before. I felt I started to putt better by training repeatedly on this Boomgolf putting system. I also managed to make 6 proper two ball  returns. Before I forget I have to send them an email so I can receive the Boomerang Instructor’s cap for this achievement.
boomerang golf cap

After two weeks of rain the sun cleared the sky and I went to the golf club in Mlade Buky. On the golf putting practising area they have placed 9 holes in different locations on one big green. My normal training golf putting routine is to start at hole 1 and finish the 9 holes with maximum two strokes for each hole. If not I continue until I do or it becomes dark. After one hour of frustration I decide to give in a try another day. I got some lucky one puts and some two puts but mainly I have to make three or more puts.
But not this time! After almost daily training for two weeks on my golf putting indoor on the Boomgolf putting system I  managed to go the first round of 9 holes with only one three put. All other puts where incredibly close to the hole. Unbelievable close. I mean like 50 cm max. I even made two one putters from around 5 meters of distance.  Only once I putted to far for a three putt. This is such a big improvement for me.  The confidence in putting it gives me is already worth the purchase and practising time I have put into it.
From here I can work and improve my putting faster then I thought I was capable off.

I am really happy I purchased this Boomgolf ramp.
I give it a 5 out of 5!



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  1. Alex Moore says:

    What a fantastic review!

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